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let's say

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  • Used as a way of introducing a hypothetical or possible situation.

    ‘let's say we agreed to go our separate ways’
    • ‘Let's say there had been drugs, let's say there had been a shooting and two students were killed.’
    • ‘So it's a little bit different from reading, let's say, a scholarly journal.’
    • ‘So let's say that we have about 2.5m children in one parent families.’
    • ‘Going just slightly faster than you, let's say at 105 kmph, I overtake you in my car.’
    • ‘The money they collect from corruption will be placed in banks as term deposits, let's say for just one month.’
    • ‘So let's say there are 10 places, those 10 places go only to the very best students.’
    • ‘For example, let's say that an individual begins setting money aside for a new car.’
    • ‘For example, let's say that a young inventor is trying futilely to build a time machine in his garage.’
    • ‘Have you ever watched a teenage girl get ready to go out, let's say to a wedding?’
    • ‘Let's say that an investigator stumbled upon this and was blackmailed into resigning.’