Definition of let out in English:

let out

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phrasal verb

  • 1let something out, let out somethingUtter a sound or cry.

    ‘he let out a sigh of happiness’
    • ‘one of the beasts lets out a mighty roar’
    • ‘My mom let out a gasp when she saw the box sitting on my desk.’
    • ‘As soon as the door opened, both the parents let out gasps of horror.’
    • ‘The guard let out a pained groan before going down for the count.’
    • ‘She shifts in her chair, blinks several times and lets out a tiny laugh, her mouth in a crooked sneer.’
    • ‘Shaw starts fumbling and, for the first time, lets out an audible grunt of effort.’
    • ‘He bends to the right to reach for the water glass on his night stand and lets out a muted whine of terror.’
    • ‘He coasted all the way down, letting out a whoop of glee as he picked up speed.’
    • ‘I throw myself onto the other bed, letting out a long sigh of weariness and relief.’
    • ‘I rushed forward and ran into his arms, letting out a scream as he spun me around.’
    • ‘She snuggled her body next to mine a little bit more and closed her eyes, letting out a little sigh.’
    utter, emit, give vent to, produce, give, issue, express, air, voice, verbalize, release, pour out, come out with
    1. 1.1Reveal a piece of information.
      with clause ‘she let out that he'd given her a ride home’
      • ‘No one had any idea if his injuries were serious or not, since the doctors were not letting any information out.’
      • ‘She let the information out that Kevin already knew about the baby.’
      • ‘How could he exchange words with that man without letting out that he was in love with his wife?’
      • ‘During the heated argument, she let out that she had cancer and walked away.’
      • ‘Some Congressmen began letting out that they would rather save the government even if the nuclear deal was to be sacrificed.’
      reveal, make known, tell, disclose, mention, divulge, let slip, give away, let it be known, leak, blurt out, expose, bring to light, uncover, make public, blab
  • 2let someone out, let out someoneRelease someone from obligation or suspicion.

    • ‘they've started looking for motives—that lets me out’
    release, liberate, free, set free, let go, discharge
  • 3North American (of a lesson, meeting, or event) finish, so that those attending are able to leave.

    ‘his classes let out at noon’
    • ‘School begins at seven and lets out at two thirty.’
    • ‘The last screening of the film festival let out at 7:30 p.m.’
    • ‘What time does class let out?’
    • ‘It was raining in true Florida fashion the day after the schools were let out.’
  • 4let something out, let out somethingMake a garment looser or larger, typically by adjusting a seam.

    ‘the dress is too tight—perhaps it could be let out’
    • ‘You can let the shoulder seam out or take it in at the princess seam.’
    • ‘Those jeans have been let out so often you don't look like you're wearing jeans that fit.’
    • ‘I had to let the waist out in all my pants.’
    • ‘The extra cloth will allow your tailor to let the trousers out up to 3 inches at the waist.’
    • ‘The dress can easily be taken in at the bust, but there is no room to let the dress out.’