Definition of let someone know in English:

let someone know

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  • Inform someone.

    ‘let me know what you think of him’
    • ‘‘Communities must keep letting us know about problems if we are to stand a chance of beating this,’ he said.’
    • ‘Keep letting us know how you feel about our performance and our responsiveness to you.’
    • ‘If you have your own property website then please let us know and we can mention it in the coming weeks.’
    • ‘I couldn't tell if the remark was a question or if he was just letting me know he was informed.’
    • ‘Please let us know if you wish to be kept informed of events at the orchard.’
    • ‘Thank you for letting me know in advance this question was coming.’
    • ‘The British Arts Council funds his mostly poetry press at a level of $150,000 per year and lets him know in advance what his funding level will be.’
    • ‘We still need members of the public to come forward and help us by letting us know who is committing the burglaries and who is storing the items.’
    • ‘I should preface this by letting you know that my partner is American and that many of the people who support this project are too.’
    • ‘Talk to her in a mature and calm manner, and ask why she's reading and deleting your e-mail without letting you know.’