Definition of let something lie in English:

let something lie

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  • Take no action regarding a controversial or problematic matter.

    ‘“Are you planning a follow-up to the program?” “No, we'll let it lie for now.”’
    • ‘Having done so in 1993 and having been told to get lost, he had essentially let matters lie.’
    • ‘At that point there was no opportunity of changing them but the team captain chose not to let the matters lie but instead continued to agitate about them, particularly in the newspaper article.’
    • ‘He said last night that he would not let the matter lie and that he would make an official complaint as it was a clear breach of the rules.’
    • ‘As such I am prepared to let the matter lie for the time being.’
    • ‘Therefore, I would be pleased it you would let the matter lie, as it now is.’
    • ‘Failing to receive any guidance from the committee, he reluctantly let the matter lie.’
    • ‘Almost 18 months since the smoke cleared in Genoa, cinema refuses to let the matter lie.’
    • ‘Todd said he would not be letting the matter lie.’
    • ‘On the part of the wife it arose from her conscious decision to let matters lie for a considerable period of time.’
    • ‘I much prefer a gracious, magnanimous withdrawal, but if it is beyond that member to do such a thing, then we will let it lie where it lies, and will deal with it in public.’