Definition of letter writer in English:

letter writer


  • A person who writes letters.

    ‘a tireless letter writer and diarist’
    • ‘Once in America, letter writers had to make the decision whether to be encouraging or realistic in relating their experience.’
    • ‘Letter writers from all over the country continued to question the park's boating policy into the mid-1980s.’
    • ‘Perhaps your ingenuity will start an exciting new trend for other letter writers.’
    • ‘If the parent or the child is not a letter writer try using a tape recording.’
    • ‘Earlier this year, commentators and letter writers seemed to turn up the heat.’
    • ‘He was a prolific and delightful letter writer, whose anecdotes of his literary friends have been a gold mine to biographers.’
    • ‘I used to be a big letter writer before e-mail.’
    • ‘To say that Ford was in the same class as Sidney Smith as a letter writer would be an exaggeration but not by much.’
    • ‘Your letter writer who had been frightened by being told that aluminium cooking utensils can cause Alzheimer's disease has nothing to worry about.’
    • ‘The letter writer did not like the "spin" an author had put on some events that occurred in the Yellowstone country during the late nineteenth century.’
    • ‘My thanks to Mrs. Bell, Mr. Keith, and the many other letter writers who took the time to express their appreciation and interesting reflections.’
    • ‘A letter writer in 1878 wrote to Mrs. Caroline Callister that a friend had "her house pretty well arranged except the windows (in) one room."’
    • ‘She's not much of a letter writer, and the international phone rates make a decent conversation expensive.’
    • ‘She was a lively letter writer, and her letters give a full and entertaining picture of the intellectual and social world she frequented.’
    • ‘He was a prolific letter writer of great charm and quality, and many of his observations on literature are scattered throughout the letters.’
    • ‘Letter writers and listeners to radio call-in shows have expressed their concerns through the media.’
    • ‘Creative leeway has always been granted to those novelists and letter writers who are able to pull off a controversial use of rhetoric with talent and grace.’
    • ‘When a letter writer's problem is beyond the scope of a daily column, Phillips will frequently intervene personally to steer people toward organizations that deal with specific issues.’
    • ‘Vincent van Gogh was a prolific, even compulsive, letter writer, and his correspondence has become vital in understanding his life and work.’
    • ‘Griffith was already a celebrated letter writer and novelist before her first play, The Platonic Wife (1765), was produced at Drury Lane.’
    letter writer, pen pal