Definition of letters testamentary in English:

letters testamentary

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plural noun

  • A document issued by a court or public official authorizing the executor of a will to take control of a deceased person's estate.

    ‘Rather than conducting a regular probate where an executor is appointed and letters testamentary are issued by the court, it sounds like you can probate her will as a Muniment of Title.’
    • ‘Within 30 days of receiving letters testamentary, the executor will need to publish a notice to creditors in a local newspaper.’
    • ‘Without court authority, which comes in the form of letters testamentary, you will not be able to claim the funds.’
    • ‘The court grants the executor the authority to act on behalf of the estate in the letters testamentary.’
    • ‘A person shall not be capable of being executor who, at the time when letters testamentary ought to be granted, is under the age of eighteen years, of unsound mind, or convicted of a felony.’