Definition of leucoplast in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlo͞okəˌplast/ /ˈlukəˌplæst/

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  • A colorless organelle found in plant cells, used for the storage of starch or oil.

    ‘Different types of non-photosynthetic plastids can be found in non-green tissues of plants (e.g. leucoplasts and chromoplasts), and these usually carry out specialized biosynthetic and storage functions.’
    • ‘Stromules have been recorded on all major plastid types, including proplastids, chloroplasts, etioplasts, leucoplasts, amyloplasts, and chromoplasts.’
    • ‘The apical layer of glandular head cells was characterized by leucoplasts and calcium oxalate crystals.’
    • ‘Secretory cells have dense cytoplasm with many leucoplasts present.’
    • ‘Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that malate supports very high rates of fatty acid synthesis in isolated leucoplasts from developing seeds.’