Definition of leukoplakia in English:


(also leucoplakia)

Pronunciation /ˌlo͞okəˈplākēə/ /ˌlukəˈpleɪkiə/


  • A mucous membrane disorder characterized by white patches, especially on the cheek, tongue, vulva, or penis.

    • ‘These changes include the staining of teeth, recession of gums, and in over 50% of users, the development of thickened white patches called leukoplakia in the oral lining.’
    • ‘These include oral leukoplakia (white plaques) and erythroplakia (velvety, reddish mucosal lesions).’
    • ‘For this reason any patches of leukoplakia should be regularly reviewed by your dentist.’
    • ‘Hairy leukoplakia typically presents as bilateral corrugated, painless white thickening found on the lateral borders of the tongue, sometimes with hairy projections.’
    • ‘Mucous membranes should be evaluated for dryness, leukoplakia and exudate.’
    • ‘The leukoplakia patches usually clear up a few weeks to months after the source of irritation has been taken away.’
    • ‘Most leukoplakias are caused by hyperkeratosis or a thickening of the outer keratin layer.’
    • ‘There is evidence that natural and synthetic beta carotene supplements enhance the immune system, reverse a precancerous condition called oral leukoplakia, and prevent heart disease.’
    • ‘The mosaic patterns, punctation and leukoplakia that are associated with squamous lesions are generally not seen with glandular lesions.’
    • ‘The white buccal lesions of oral lichen planus may necessitate biopsy to exclude leukoplakia, candidiasis, and secondary syphilis.’
    • ‘Mucosal erythroplasia, not leukoplakia, is the earliest sign of oral cancer.’
    • ‘It often causes leukoplakia, a recognised pre-cancerous condition.’



/ˌlo͞okəˈplākēə/ /ˌlukəˈpleɪkiə/