Definition of level up in English:

level up

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phrasal verb

  • 1level something up, level up somethingIncrease something in order to remove a disparity.

    • ‘they said they would level up the gap between different drivers' pay’
    make equal, make even, even off, even out, even up, make level, level, level off, level up, make uniform, make the same, make consistent, regularize, standardize, bring into line, balance, square, match
  • 2Gaming
    (especially in a role-playing game) progress to the next level.

    • ‘you can collect runes and use them as you level up to increase the power of your weapons’
    1. 2.1level something up, level up something(in a role-playing game) advance one's character to the next level of development.
      • ‘build your army, level up your hero, purchase equipment, and challenge your friends to massive battles’