Definition of leveling rod in English:

leveling rod

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  • A graduated pole with a movable marker, held upright and used with a surveying instrument to measure differences in elevation. Also called leveling pole, leveling staff.

    ‘Rod scale error arises when leveling rods are shorter or longer than indicated by the graduations.’
    • ‘Then the image of the vertical leveling rod will be seen through the telescope as horizontal.’
    • ‘The leveling rods were calibrated in March 1995 by the U.S. Navy Gage and Standards Laboratory, Pomona.’
    • ‘These leveling rods are built to withstand long hard usage and still retain their straightness.’
    • ‘This oval 25 foot leveling rod consists of 6 telescoping sections of 5 ply fiberglass with epoxy coated faces.’
    • ‘It is another object of this invention to provide a leveling rod which is relatively inexpensive to manufacture.’
    • ‘A leveling rod is graduated upward in feet, from 0 at its base, with appropriate subdivisions in feet.’
    • ‘This canvas leveling rod can be coiled up and carried in a pocket.’
    • ‘Look through the level's scope while a helper holds a leveling rod at the benchmark and moves the rod's marker until it falls in the scope's crosshairs.’
    • ‘Spirit leveling measurements are made by sighting graduated leveling rods through a telescope whose axis is precisely horizontal.’