Definition of Levite in English:



  • A member of the Hebrew tribe of Levi, especially of that part of it which provided assistants to the priests in the worship in the Jewish temple.

    • ‘The Kohanim and Levites served in the Temple, and three times a year - during the holidays of Passover, Sukkot and Shavuot - all Jews were commanded to come to Jerusalem and visit the Temple.’
    • ‘It is preferable that the Sanhedrin contain Kohen-priests and Levites as members.’
    • ‘During this time, the Levites sang Hallel, repeating it several times until all had finished slaughtering.’
    • ‘May we soon see the Cohanim restored to their service, Levites on their Temple platform and Israelites at their places.’
    • ‘Everyone knows Moses entrusted the Torah to the Levites.’
    • ‘This is because the reconstruction of the temple would give control of the temple cult to the priests and Levites returning from exile.’
    • ‘Among others, we repeat the stirring words of the Levites at the consecration of the Second Temple.’
    • ‘The priest and the Levite who pass by unconcerned are the Old Testament law and prophets.’
    • ‘He smashes the idol, gathers loyal Levites around him and executes those responsible.’
    • ‘In Israel only one tribe could function in the service of the temple - the Levites.’
    • ‘This story is set as the man is going down from Jerusalem (note: away from the temple, not toward it) when he is ignored by the priest and the Levite, but shown compassion from the Samaritan.’
    • ‘How could a man who is not a Levite be a priest over Israel?’
    • ‘Interpretations that prevent us from extending this grace (as it did the Levite and priest) reveal the law's misuse as an instrument of death rather than life.’
    • ‘Fortunately I didn't bump into any priests, Levites or Samaritans.’
    • ‘If, like the priest and the Levite, 10 or 20 members of the public pass by the injured man without rendering assistance, which of them is responsible?’
    • ‘The princes of Israel brought a great assortment of gifts to the tabernacle and Aaron the priest cleansed all the Levites.’
    • ‘David's authority now stood behind the role of the Levites and the use of psalmody in worship.’
    • ‘The Rabbis took special care to preserve the genealogical records of the Levites because they were the priestly tribe.’
    • ‘A priest and a Levite ignored him but a Samaritan took pity on him and helped him.’
    • ‘The Levites served at the Tabernacle from age 30 to 50.’


Middle English from late Latin levita, from Greek leuitēs, from Hebrew Lēwī ‘Levi’.