Definition of lewisite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlo͞oəˌsīt/ /ˈluəˌsaɪt/


  • A dark oily liquid producing an irritant gas that causes blisters, developed for use in chemical warfare.

    An organic compound of arsenic; chemical formula: ClCHCHAsCl₂

    ‘This target list usually included sarin, soman, mustard, lewisite, cyclosarin, and fats, oils and wax to name a few.’
    • ‘Among the CW agents produced were phosgene, mustard, lewisite, hydrogen cyanide, and diphenyl cyanarsine.’
    • ‘The chemicals, confiscated from Hitler's Third Reich at the end of the second world war, were mustard gas, phosgene, tabun and lewisite, all of which can inflict appalling injuries.’


1920s named after Winford L. Lewis (1878–1943), American chemist.