Definition of Lib Dem in English:

Lib Dem


  • (in the UK) Liberal Democrat.

    ‘the Lib Dems have promised a wholesale review of policy’
    ‘I'm voting Lib Dem’
    • ‘Last week we organised a lobby of the Lib Dem council to save our school.’
    • ‘The Lib Dem council then pursued an agenda of slashing services and accelerated privatisation.’
    • ‘At each stage the Lib Dem majority on the council voted down our proposals.’
    • ‘To suggest that there is a Lib Dem pact with Labour on the council is nonsense.’
    • ‘She favours the Lib Dem idea of replacing council tax with a local income tax, which would be fairer.’
    • ‘The Lib Dem share of the vote at the last election was the largest since 1987.’
    • ‘More importantly, where are our elected Lib Dem councillors in all of this?’
    • ‘The cost of the council event and the decision to provide lunch has been criticised by a Lib Dem councillor.’
    • ‘The Lib Dem councillor says the problem is so bad that one person told him he changed his plans to buy a house in the area.’
    • ‘He said the Lib Dem vote increased at the last election and he believed the trend would continue.’
    • ‘At least a quarter of these orders have so far been made under Lib Dem councils.’
    • ‘The only fair means by which we can tell what a Lib Dem government would be like is to look at how they behave when they do get to exercise power.’
    • ‘The Tory vote might hold, but the Lib Dem vote would fall as people switched back to Labour.’
    • ‘We hope he will also join with us in urging the Lib Dem executive to now make headway on just such an initiative.’
    • ‘The Lib Dem policy on circuses is that all animals, apart from dogs and horses, should be banned from them.’
    • ‘He was defeated at last June's council elections when he stood as a Lib Dem.’
    • ‘He adopted the Lib Dem policy of an independent Bank of England to set interest rates.’
    • ‘He accused the local Labour Party of stopping Lib Dem councillors from delivering his leaflets.’
    • ‘Local police had to intervene when a row between Labour and Lib Dem supporters threatened to turn nasty.’
    • ‘He briefly rejoined the Lib Dem fold before joining the breakaway Liberal Group last year.’


Lib Dem

/lɪb ˈdɛm/