Definition of Liberian in English:


Pronunciation /līˈbiriən/ /laɪˈbɪrɪən/

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  • Relating to Liberia or its people.

    ‘Liberian healthcare workers’
    • ‘He recorded the address before a Liberian flag at his home.’
    • ‘We start our trip in Monrovia, the Liberian capital.’
    • ‘Her curiosity was aroused by her study of the Liberian tailor apprentices.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Liberia, or a person of Liberian descent.

    ‘stews and soups are popular dishes among Liberians’
    • ‘A Liberian by birth, she found that doing business was not a problem of getting funds but of policy and business practices.’
    • ‘Liberians like their food hot, and cayenne and other peppers are usually added to dishes.’
    • ‘We were taken on a tour by a Liberian who grew up in this town.’