Definition of licensor in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlīs(ə)nsər/ /ˈlaɪs(ə)nsər/

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‘Thus attribution can be to the author, or to another entity, or both, as the licensor specifies.’
  • ‘It is argued that proponents of such development methods must engage in policy discussions to limit the exclusionary authority of intellectual property licensors, by ensuring broad user rights to protected works.’
  • ‘It's the one place you can see so many licensors.’
  • ‘It is the only show that presents a global perspective of the industry to players on both sides of the aisle, whether they be licensors or licensees.’
  • ‘This list breaks down the industry's leading franchisers / licensors by the number of locations that they license/franchise, and by the number of clubs that they own.’