Definition of lidded in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlidid/ /ˈlɪdɪd/

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‘In 1886 Queen Ranavalona Ill sent two large textiles, a small bone pin, and a lidded fiber basket to President Grover Cleveland to commemorate his election.’
  • ‘Those of you who enjoy whittling green sticks into skewers can make damper bread, a traditional Australian bush bread that is either baked in a cast-iron lidded camp pot buried in the embers, or on sticks over the fire.’
  • ‘Alternatively, if you are using a lidded cast-iron casserole dish, you can cook the dish in the oven set to 150 C.’
  • ‘Heavy lidded by the glare-filled monochromatic monotony of the landscape, soothed by the cool breath of the air-conditioner, we fell asleep.’
  • ‘Two lidded under-floor compartments in the rear footwell add to the car's versatility, as they're big enough to store a small pair of shoes, toys or a laptop.’