Definition of lie low in English:

lie low

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  • (especially of a criminal) keep out of sight; avoid detection or attention.

    ‘at the time of the murder he appears to have been lying low in a barn’
    • ‘If the criminal was found lying low for a protracted period, the surveillance would automatically be lessened.’
    • ‘This keen perception also alerts them when it's time to lay low and avoid trouble.’
    • ‘Since they are flying mostly at night (back in those early days of the war), our main challenge is to lie low and take cover while letting them hit those empty barracks or the dummies.’
    • ‘Finally, three of them drifted away, strolling off in different directions, most likely intending to hide or lay low till five o'clock.’
    • ‘Successfully escaping, she decides to lay low and hides in a locker room in the building next door.’
    • ‘The New York glitterati may just be lying low, conscious that the sight of them enjoying nights out on the town, knocking back $5,000 bottles of wine, would be considered offensive in the current climate.’
    • ‘Stay here, lie low, and do nothing to attract any attention whatsoever, do you understand?’
    • ‘Overhead, German spotters were looking for us, and I promised the men we would lie low, keep out of sight, and sleep.’
    • ‘And, in the more likely event that he's simply lying low, plotting his mode of attack, we have the backup plan.’
    • ‘This crow skulked and cowered up to the buzzard, sometimes lying low to the ground, sometimes popping up into the air, always trying to stay behind the enemy.’
    hide, go into hiding, hide out, find a hiding place, conceal oneself, keep out of sight, keep a low profile, take cover, go to earth, go to ground, go underground, cover one's tracks, lurk, skulk
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