Definition of lie through one's teeth in English:

lie through one's teeth

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  • Tell an outright lie without remorse.

    • ‘“Don't worry, Lavender, you'll soon catch up,” Miss Honey said, lying through her teeth’
    • ‘Their continued obfuscation, their attempts to throw dust in people's eyes, leads me to believe that they're lying through their teeth.’
    • ‘But then, lying through your teeth and being caught out is never a terrific PR conquest.’
    • ‘The Council are lying through their teeth on this issue and I'm still not convinced that someone cannot be held criminally responsible for all this.’
    • ‘And if they tell you they don't, they're lying through their teeth.’
    • ‘One of these groups of men are lying through their teeth.’
    • ‘You'd be able to tell that I'm lying through my teeth.’
    • ‘I had until then in my life not thought I was capable of such dishonesty, had probably never told more than a handful of fibs in my 40 years and here I was lying through my teeth at every turn.’
    • ‘‘Oh, but I make more sense than you do,’ I said, lying through my teeth.’
    • ‘I myself have changed so much in the recent past that I would be lying through my teeth if I told you I knew what I was all about.’
    • ‘Ask me any more questions, and I'll start lying through my teeth.’