Definition of lieutenant commander in English:

lieutenant commander

Pronunciation /lo͞oˈˌtenənt kəˈmandər/ /luˈˌtɛnənt kəˈmændər/

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  • A commissioned officer in the US Navy or Coast Guard ranking above lieutenant and below commander.

    ‘In July 1937, Rickover was promoted to the rank of lieutenant commander and became the commander of the minesweeper, Finch, an old ship well past its prime.’
    • ‘Court documents allege he was illegally switched from a reservist lieutenant commander to an active-duty commander following the school scandal.’
    • ‘She served fourteen years as a naval aviator before leaving the service in 1997 as a lieutenant commander.’
    • ‘At the time, he was a sub-lieutenant before he retired from the RAN in 1954 as a lieutenant commander.’
    • ‘My father had always been interested in photography, and to encourage me he asked his sister, who was a lieutenant commander in the US Navy, to bring me a Pentax back from Japan in early 1968.’
    • ‘Upon the outbreak of World War II in December 1941, Johnson entered the Navy as a lieutenant commander.’
    • ‘Investigators found that a Navy lieutenant commander threatened to have a detainee's family killed.’
    • ‘In 1992 he was promoted from warrant officer to lieutenant and a further promotion to lieutenant commander followed in 1997.’
    • ‘Walsh's profile was more interesting; Rick was surprised to learn he had been a lieutenant commander and a tactical officer four years ago.’
    • ‘He was a lieutenant commander with many hours and a lot of experience in functional-check flights.’
    • ‘A lieutenant commander aboard the USS Intrepid in World War II, he was awarded the Bronze Star for his heroic actions when the ship came under Japanese fire near the Philippines in 1944.’
    • ‘It was earlier this year and he was working at the London Boat Show in his capacity as a lieutenant commander with the Royal Naval Reserve public relations team.’
    • ‘He came back to work in the Royal Thai Navy as a junior lieutenant commander, and was in the Royal Thai Navy until 1923.’
    • ‘The Navy settled his suit by promoting him to lieutenant commander.’
    • ‘I met him when I was an ensign… I'm a lieutenant commander now.’
    • ‘The hardest part is convincing new sailors that I'm really a lieutenant commander at my age.’
    • ‘Through her connection in the Pacific fleet, Ford obtained a reserve commission as a lieutenant commander in September 1934 and occasionally submitted reports of Japanese activity off the Mexican coast.’
    • ‘The pilot, a lieutenant commander, banked the helicopter to the left and aimed towards the contact.’
    • ‘After working in the wartime Office of Price Administration, Nixon obtained a naval commission in 1942 and served in the South Pacific during World War II, rising to the rank of lieutenant commander.’
    • ‘The commander sat first, the lieutenant commander second.’