Definition of lifework in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlīfwərk/ /ˈlaɪfwərk/

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  • The entire or principal work, labor, or task of a person's lifetime.

    ‘he decided to make anthropology his life work’
    • ‘my life's work has been to change the way food is produced in our country’
    • ‘Now his publisher has issued his Collected Poems, which gives us his entire lifework between two covers - all the contents of his previous seven collections, plus 10 new poems written since 1995.’
    • ‘His lifework consisted of refocusing critical attention onto the condition of being human, specifically the complex structures and expressions concretised in everyday life.’
    • ‘‘His lifework was the masculination of gay desire’.’
    • ‘No wonder he doubted; his lifework on slavery was fueled by just such hypocrisy and deception, which he never bothered examining.’
    • ‘Then we may sit down and converse on the most interesting and important of all human affairs - politics - and on the men who choose politics as a lifework.’
    • ‘His lifework shows us that scientists and humanists are in many ways similar kinds of insightful people.’
    • ‘‘Preparing minority students for the rigors and rewards of a career in journalism has been her lifework.’’
    • ‘The shepherd makes a ‘rolling hut his home,’ in keeping with his lifework, his ‘rounds,’ which are constituted by watching the ‘goings’ of his sheep.’
    • ‘Moreau's art is a reassemblage of the memory and the tricks of the memory, as thorough and as convolute as Proust's vast quest for a half-lost past that was, likewise, the lifework of a polymath spellbound by beauty.’
    • ‘He might have been the lifework of a talented sculptor, and was, beyond question, the best-looking object ever to grace the sorry interior of the Singing Chicken.’
    • ‘With the relative paucity of decent Rankin biographies, Smith's work promises to direct more attention to Jeannette Rankin and her lifework for peace.’
    • ‘It is a lifework of cosmic scope and heroic realization.’
    • ‘This is the centenary month of Arne Jacobsen's birth, and his lifework is celebrated in two exhibitions in Denmark, and a new book.’
    • ‘It sums up the lifework of one of the most serious, original, and balanced literary thinkers in North America.’
    • ‘During the course of our talk, I asked if the immersion in Fosse's lifework during the preparation of the show had caused her pain.’
    • ‘This lifework forms the fabric of her wonderful book.’
    • ‘Now seems a good time to consider the other half of Richardson's lifework, on the mathematics of armed conflict.’
    • ‘Xenocrates' lifework consisted of producing a kind of codification - and thus of necessity, a transformation - of Plato's philosophy.’
    • ‘His lifework was devoted to group theory and number theory.’
    • ‘In part this intense study of Scripture was connected with a conviction that his lifework lay in the service of the gospel.’