Definición de lighthearted en inglés


Traducir lighthearted al español


  • 1Amusing and entertaining.

    • ‘a lighthearted speech’
    gentle, mild, moderate, slight
    entertaining, lightweight, diverting, recreative, undemanding, easily understood, middle-of-the-road
    1. 1.1(of a person or their behavior) cheerful and carefree.
      ‘excited, lighthearted chatter’
      • ‘He was very light-hearted, and he always knew how to make her laugh.’
      • ‘He was never light-hearted about anything, but she made him feel like that whenever he was around her.’
      • ‘He was so light-hearted it was impossible to stay angry at him for one of his jokes.’
      • ‘I know I'm light-hearted and like to have a bit of fun, but this is too serious for that.’
      • ‘He's really light-hearted and you can tell, he takes his racing seriously, as we all do, and it's a great thing.’
      • ‘He loves Anne Garland, but has a rival in his brother Bob, a cheerful, light-hearted sailor.’
      • ‘We came pretty close to full-on verbal assault and the end of our happy and light-hearted e-mail interactions.’
      • ‘It was a lively, colourful, light-hearted romp from start to finish.’
      • ‘It's definitely not a cheery, light-hearted book at all, but I enjoyed it anyway.’
      • ‘It is sometimes lively and light-hearted, sometimes slow and chill - and sometimes tranquil like new age music.’
      • ‘As I read the opening blurb, which is light-hearted and upbeat, my sense of shame subsided and I decided to take the plunge.’
      • ‘Or could it be that audiences are hungry again for light-hearted escapism and happy endings?’
      • ‘Instead, he could answer in a funny, light-hearted way, setting an upbeat tone for the evening.’
      • ‘Young people were engrossed in light-hearted banter, and seemed determined to stay till the end and enjoy the entire variety show.’
      • ‘We know plenty of people who are more light-hearted and fun.’
      • ‘Witty and light-hearted, the play left behind an intriguing question in the minds of many viewers.’
      • ‘And yet people keep on giving me light-hearted advice on how to keep my future wife happy!’
      • ‘These areas were decorated in either bright greens or oranges, which induced a light-hearted mood.’
      • ‘Many of the men sang songs which were light-hearted and often funny.’
      • ‘The first half just languishes in light-hearted happenings that are anything but funny.’
      carefree, cheerful, cheery, happy, merry, glad, playful, jolly, jovial, joyful, jocund, gleeful, ebullient, high-spirited, lively, perky, blithe, bright, sunny, buoyant, vivacious, bubbly, effervescent, jaunty, bouncy, breezy



/ˌlītˈhärdəd/ /ˌlaɪtˈhɑrdəd/