Definition of lightproof in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlītpro͞of/ /ˈlaɪtpruf/

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  • Able to block out light completely.

    ‘a lightproof envelope’
    • ‘Accordingly, in the present invention, the size of the lightproof box is fixed in order to solve the problem.’
    • ‘Its high-density lightproof covering yields an essential improvement of the sound quality.’
    • ‘On my darkroom door I hung up a lightproof curtain on a wire about 20 cm above the door, so that it goes well beyond the dimensions of the door at the top and at the sides.’
    • ‘By placing the camera inside our lightproof box we can take a picture of the image being projected onto the back wall of our pinhole camera.’
    • ‘I was just wondering if anyone has any bright ideas for making the intakes lightproof without [too much] air resistance.’
    • ‘The film will obviously come in a lightproof bag, but I am going to need that to hold onto the original film that is not shot yet.’
    • ‘Prepare and store stock solution in a lightproof bottle.’