Definition of ligustrum in English:


Pronunciation /ləˈɡəstrəm/

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  • A plant of a genus that comprises the privets.

    Genus Ligustrum, family Oleaceae

    ‘Here is another example of ligustrums growing heavily where a sapling is attempting to survive.’
    • ‘One of the most common mistakes is planting immature ligustrums and other large shrubs too close together.’
    • ‘The chain link was hidden by a nice thick row of ligustrums and green privacy material.’
    • ‘We will also plant a new species of hedge as we experiment with replacing the aging ligustrums along our perimeter.’
    • ‘Anything I can do to my waxleaf ligustrums to keep them healthy and help them grow faster?’
    • ‘At a previous home we had waxleaf ligustrums in front of a rock wall to give added privacy from the neighbor's drive.’
    • ‘Fear not, this is the normal season of leaf shed for photinias, gardenias, ligustrums, pittosporums and magnolias.’
    • ‘They also look very showy planted in front of evergreen shrubs such as hollies, viburnums or ligustrums.’
    • ‘The berry of ligustrum is used medicinally.’
    • ‘The azaleas, boxwoods, and wax-leaf ligustrums are dead.’
    • ‘Most ligustrums are not well suited for home foundation plantings because of their rapid growth and large ultimate size.’
    • ‘In traditional gardens, place them in a bed in front of evergreen shrubs like hollies, ligustrums, wax myrtles or junipers.’
    • ‘Plant taxonomy classifies privet shrubs under the genus, Ligustrum; indeed, they are commonly referred to as ‘ligustrum shrubs,’ too.’


Mid 17th century from Latin.