Definition of like a dream in English:

like a dream


  • Very well or successfully.

    • ‘the car is still running like a dream’
    • ‘Overall, the game looks fantastic, plays like a dream and has a compelling story.’
    • ‘Try these recipes with the best you can lay your hands on, and as long as you get the pan searing hot so that they take on a nice brown crust, they'll turn out like a dream.’
    • ‘My new PC works like a dream, although I've now got to transfer everything over from the old one - should be fun.’
    • ‘This game looks slick and plays like a dream, especially with the use of both analogue sticks controlling speed and direction.’
    • ‘It went on like a dream, took an hour to do and we were done!’
    • ‘Chicken livers in Italy are firm and dark and cook like a dream.’
    • ‘The man writes like a dream and has the kind of life that makes you realise what the concept of ‘life’ might be.’
    • ‘My husband and I have done this for years, and it works like a dream.’
    • ‘The traffic diversion during the three days worked like a dream and avoided what could have been chaos.’
    • ‘Not only does it glide like a dream, but it generates lift and gains height.’
    superbly, superlatively, excellently, flawlessly, faultlessly, to perfection, without fault, ideally, wonderfully, marvellously, magnificently, sublimely, admirably, inimitably, incomparably, impeccably, immaculately, exquisitely, consummately