Definition of like as not in English:

like as not

(also as like as not)

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  • Probably.

    ‘she would be in bed by now, like as not’
    • ‘That'll keep me busy tomorrow and, like as not, the day after that, too.’
    • ‘I shall suffer some indigestion tomorrow like as not, and serve me right.’
    • ‘Art supplies are available on the Internet, of course, and cheaper, like as not.’
    • ‘The Electoral Commission, as like as not, will find some dreadful problem with all-postal voting in Yorkshire and the North-West.’
    • ‘The suggestion that birth and motherhood are almost as taboo as death in our society, would, as like as not, be met with guffaws of disbelief in mixed company.’
    • ‘Ask a young Indian these days how she or he is, and like as not the cheerful reply will be, ‘I'm doing good.’’
    • ‘I wasn't frightened by the encounter, and would like as not have forgotten it entirely if it hadn't been for the fuss made by my foolish pals and their equally foolish parents.’
    • ‘And if you tell them an article harks back to the 18th century, like as not they'll think this means 1800 on.’
    • ‘Lincoln cathedral is one of the most perfect Gothic cathedrals in Europe, dating back officially to the eleventh century and like as not a fair way before that.’
    • ‘If there were a ‘live and let live’ party they'd like as not get my vote.’