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like fury

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  • With great energy or effort.

    • ‘she fought like fury in his arms’
    • ‘We are doing our best to provide as robust a service as possible in the circumstances and out timetablers will be working like fury over the weekend to get the information out as soon as we have it from Railtrack.’
    • ‘In other words, people were making their own entertainment like it had never gone out of style; there was a very strong sense of local networks, a circuit of people who had dinner parties with one another, and gossiped like fury.’
    • ‘Matt pedalled like fury, and as the rope went taut, the rest of the lads gave me a hearty shove-off, chasing us down the hill whooping and shouting.’
    • ‘If not, stand really well back from the pan, as it spits like fury.’
    • ‘Matty was well in the lead, pedalling like fury, increasing speed so he could make it through to the other side all in one go.’
    • ‘When I'm most conflicted about life and myself, my displacement activity is to work like fury.’
    • ‘Ju had his left hand on the dome, hair standing on end as Ernie pumped the handle like fury.’
    • ‘Don't buy warranties on products from the big name manufacturers; but complain like fury if they do go wrong.’
    • ‘We had to battle like fury to save ourselves from going back down to Division Three after only two seasons.’
    • ‘It still squeals like fury when I first drive it in the morning when the engine is cold, just as the last pump did and then continued to do off and on even after the van had warmed up.’