Definition of like nothing on earth in English:

like nothing on earth

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  • Very strange.

    • ‘they looked like nothing on earth’
    • ‘The noise would be like nothing on earth - certainly nothing in Bellagio.’
    • ‘What turned up was quite a surprise. It looked like black pudding but tasted like nothing on earth.’
    • ‘There was a sound like nothing on earth: groups of male capuchin birds attract females with sounds like the whine of some outer-space cicada insect crossed with a sick cow.’
    • ‘After a sunny morning it smells like nothing on earth - it keeps rubber-neckers away but attracts every dog for miles around!’
    • ‘He was quiet as a lamb and as clever as a thoroughbred, but he looked like nothing on earth, so we lost him.’
    weird, eccentric, odd, peculiar, funny, bizarre, unusual, abnormal