Definition of lilangeni in English:


Pronunciation /ˌliläNGˈɡenē/ /ˌlɪlɑŋˈɡɛni/

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  • The basic monetary unit of eSwatini (Swaziland), equal to 100 cents.

    ‘IT was as if we were trying to pay with a fistful of Mongolian tugriks or a wad of Swaziland lilangeni.’
    • ‘Because of the heavy dependency on South Africa, anyone can notice why the country, apart from its local currency, the emalangeni, also uses the South African rand in all business transaction.’
    • ‘But if you've ever wanted to know what fifty Swazi emalangeni looked like in 1990, or what two Hutt River Province dollars were like in 1970 (rather natty, actually), this is the place to come.’


From the Bantu prefix li- (used to denote a singular) + -langeni ‘member of a royal family’.