Definition of lily of the valley in English:

lily of the valley

Pronunciation /ˈlilē əv T͟Hə ˈvalē/ /ˈlɪli əv ðə ˈvæli/

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  • A widely cultivated European plant of the lily family, with broad leaves and arching stems of fragrant, bell-shaped white flowers.

    Convallaria majalis, family Liliaceae

    ‘Lady Tamara carried a bouquet of garden roses in white and pale cream, white jasmine stephanotis and lily of the valley with myrtle leaves.’
    • ‘A folktale tells the story of a lily of the valley, a fragrant spring flower.’
    • ‘In shady parts of the garden, lily of the valley, woodruff, bluebells and variegated honesty are in flower.’
    • ‘People with arrhythmias can try the herbs lily of the valley and Cactus grandiflorus, but they should do so only under the supervision of a physician.’
    • ‘Fellow Finnish button-accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen supplies a peaceful closing tune named after Finland's national flower, the lily of the valley.’
    • ‘Any ideas on how I might inhibit the growth of my lily of the valley without doing harm to surrounding grass and shrubs?’
    • ‘Bulbs, corms and tubers: bluebell (hyacinthoides non-scripta), wood anemone, lily of the valley, the yellow flag iris, would all have been familiar to Robert Burns, the poet.’
    • ‘The forest has not been cut for 300 years, and I found myself surrounded by ground flora such as Solomon's seal, lily of the valley, yellow wood anemone, toothwort, asarabacca, herb paris and hepatica.’
    • ‘There were roses, lilacs, violets, lilies of the valley, impatiens, irises, and so many more.’
    • ‘In this notebook she had drawn a picture of her church full of flowers: lilac, lily of the valley, and sunset rose were perfectly arranged along the ends of the pews and at the alter.’
    • ‘Catherine Walker C also has leafy top notes, combined with jasmine, lily of the valley and black pepper.’
    • ‘A modern classicist's dream of a fragrance: the lightest spritz of bergamot, green leaves and lily of the valley that lasts all day long.’
    • ‘You can dig up and divide your lily of the valley anytime between October and March to give to your friends.’
    • ‘Alexei was lying in a bed of white lilies of the valley.’
    • ‘The innovative soft padding package and red glass bottle hides a delicious scent that combines the fragrances of almond, orange blossom, lily of the valley and patchouli, to name a few.’
    • ‘Pleased with herself in her large rakish bonnet, she carries off her basketful of plundered lilies of the valley, peonies and early roses, and in her hand a twig of lilac she has specially singled out.’
    • ‘While lilies of the valley are given for good luck on May 1 in France, white flowers have funereal associations in other cultures besides the Japanese.’
    • ‘The lilies of the valley have a notion they'll open soon, to release their sweet perfume.’
    • ‘Next year she hopes to have a whole bed of lily of the valley and ‘nothing else’, she says.’
    • ‘The perfume of lily of the valley hanging in the humid air.’