Definition of lily pad in English:

lily pad


  • A round floating leaf of a water lily.

    ‘A bullfrog leaps into the water and lands on a lily pad.’
    • ‘I fall face first into the water to the growls and scare a two-foot alligator resting on a lily pad.’
    • ‘A splash movement flitted out from under the lily pad and a streak of orange made its way to another.’
    • ‘By and by, the new dragonfly lighted happily on a lily pad to rest.’
    • ‘After a bit of pulling from both ends, the hook came out, and I retrieved a large lily pad instead of a carp.’
    • ‘There was a small pool with floating candles and lily pads before me.’
    • ‘Jade laughed and turned away, getting a closer look at the river plants and lily pads.’
    • ‘During the breeding season, reproductively active males establish territories around the underside of structures, such as snags, lily pads, and introduced nesting substrates.’
    • ‘Following the creek eastwards from the ranch, it widens into a large but shallow wetland whose clear water is splashed with islands of lily pads and dense clusters of cat tails.’
    • ‘There was a small waterfall at the end, and just a simple sprinkle of water shot up, allowing a constant flow of water droplets to fall on the lily pads and trickle into the water.’
    • ‘Snowy herons skimmed low over the water, and choruses of warbling frogs emanated from clusters of lily pads.’
    • ‘It was pretty small, with a few lily pads and cattails scattered around.’
    • ‘The front plate depicts a heron on a field of lily pads and cattails.’
    • ‘Ponds that are home to water lilies and lily pads are also home to frogs and other amphibious creatures.’
    • ‘I went and cut the lily pads back as much as I could, especially the crisp brown ones.’
    • ‘The photo shows lily pads and pink waterlilies floating on the water.’
    • ‘These lily pads will soon be gone, replaced by layers of ice and snow.’
    • ‘Is there anything you can recommend that won't be harmful to anything but the lily pads?’
    • ‘Although pennywort usually grows in shallow water, rooted in soil, it seems to do well just floating in our pond, with its round leaves resembling tiny water lily pads.’
    • ‘This is an adjustable, silver-plated ring with a plastic, magnifying dome that features a miniature photograph (taken by me) of lily pads.’


lily pad

/ˈlilē ˌpad/ /ˈlɪli ˌpæd/