Definition of limit switch in English:

limit switch

Pronunciation /ˈlimit swiCH/ /ˈlɪmɪt swɪtʃ/


  • A switch preventing the travel of an object in a mechanism past some predetermined point, mechanically operated by the motion of the object itself.

    ‘There are two conditions which may be causing unwanted operation of your furnace blower: The temperature limit switch may be turning on when temperatures are less than 150 degrees.’
    • ‘It is equipped with a high-temperature limit switch that automatically turns the fireplace off if it exceeds a certain temperature.’
    • ‘The problem with the crown stalling before it went up the incline was caused by a simple mechanically-operated limit switch triggered by the telemetry signal.’
    • ‘The learning programmable limit switch is capable of causing the motion control system to operate in accordance with a user-programmed motion profile.’
    • ‘Once registered, they can configure a jack by specifying a motor adapter, right-angle reducer, bellows boots, and limit switch accessories.’
    • ‘This routine locates the telescope's physical limit switches, which prevent the telescope from damaging itself by swinging too far through the travel of each axis.’
    • ‘He then had an electrician verify correct adjustment of the landing gear down limit switches.’
    • ‘The hoist is equipped with upper and lower limit switches, an over-speed device, and a spacious platform carriage.’
    • ‘We can insert pushbuttons, limit switches, pilot lights, and pretty much anything else from a standard catalog.’
    • ‘The encoders are available with reference marks, and now also feature integrated, magnetic limit switches.’