Definition of limitlessly in English:



See limitless

  • ‘While all the king's horses and all the king's men do build this grand and mighty structure, the sound of their hammers echoes limitlessly in the hollow within.’
  • ‘The gene found in mouse ESCs and some human equivalents appears to be the ‘master gene’, co-ordinating other genes to allow stem cells to multiply limitlessly while still retaining their ability to differentiate.’
  • ‘Possibly, it is not too early to face the fact: the criminal world reaches all about us, moving limitlessly and seamlessly around our lives, as we sit in buses or take the subway.’
  • ‘Our lives are to become nothing more than surveillance profiles which the government can limitlessly monitor, unaccountably, and without warrant.’
  • ‘This invaluable source of combat power cannot be exploited limitlessly without constantly building up human potential.’