Definition of limo in English:



short for limousine
  • ‘Regarding the traffic jam - countless limos, cars, buses and taxis - surrounding chez [how about casa, Steven?’
  • ‘That's why, when I was invited to a weekend away in the Cotswolds, I decided that the only way to roll up to the doorstep of my hotel would be behind the wheel of one of these executive German limos.’
  • ‘I looked around at the many cars, cabs and limos pulling up along side show venues.’
  • ‘It's the latest thing and pretty well all the big new limos have it as standard, which means of course that soon - sadly - it will be fitted to Nissans and Fords.’
  • ‘While city streets are best seen from the plush interiors of hired limos, the open road is where you take the wheel yourself and go your own way.’
  • ‘This also means that the limo is as fast as a Mercedes McLaren SLR and a Porsche Carrera GT.’
  • ‘It's the repmobile that possibly, in its quiet moments alone, likes to think of itself as a limo.’
  • ‘Val noticed a black car and a black limo and another green four wheel drive parked alongside.’
  • ‘It's him driving across the US in the backseat of a limo, talking to the camera the whole time.’
  • ‘The partying overlapped all week long with guests zipping in their chauffeur-driven Town Cars and limos from one soirée to another.’
  • ‘Today they arrive by chartered buses, small planes, limos, and private cars.’
  • ‘He looked like a rabbit in the headlights as he jumped into the waiting limo and away in a flash.’
  • ‘More than 100 cars, 10 black and white limos and a jazz band followed and up to 500 people attended the funeral at the Conservative Club, of which he was member.’
  • ‘Though the kitchen is willing, the place's spirit is likely to be compromised by invaders from cars, taxis, and rented limos.’
  • ‘After young people began renting his limos for wild parties he sold out and returned to taxis he drives weekends with less anxiety.’
  • ‘When they were done the cake the parents drove home and limos picked up the graduates to take them to a club for an after party.’
  • ‘It is not uncommon for there to be a line of limos, taxis, service vehicles and private cars parked outside, on one of the busiest bus lanes in the city.’
  • ‘It's the same kind of nonsense that brings celebrities to ‘Save the Earth’ benefits in eight-mile-per-gallon limos.’
  • ‘But it was the constant stream of limos waiting to spirit bankers home from their Park Avenue offices that had particularly raised Dimon's ire.’
  • ‘Celebrities arrived in yachts instead of limos.’