Definition of limonite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlīməˌnīt/ /ˈlaɪməˌnaɪt/


  • An amorphous brownish secondary mineral consisting of a mixture of hydrous ferric oxides, important as an iron ore.

    • ‘The phenakite is also associated with albite, limonite, smoky quartz, and topaz and is often overlooked because it resembles quartz.’
    • ‘This crystal was glassy and was found associated with smoky quartz, microcline-perthite, biotite, zircon, bastnasite, and limonite after siderite.’
    • ‘The associated minerals are not remarkable on the specimens; only limonite and some secondary lead minerals form in the matrix.’
    • ‘The first, and highest-temperature, period is characterized by the crystallization of phlogopite and limonite on cavity walls.’
    • ‘The ore, a mixture of ‘psilomelane’ and pyrolusite with much manganiferous limonite, contains masses of cerussite.’
    • ‘The common presence of limonite suggests that there was a significant quantity of pyrite in the area prior to oxidation.’
    • ‘They noted that good pseudomorphs of limonite after pyrite, both as cubes and as pyritohedra, are common, especially in bodies of massive pyrite.’
    • ‘Frank Knaus found crude 3.1-cm pyrite cubes covered with a crust of limonite.’
    • ‘In this specimen, limonite (an iron oxide) contributes to the bright central arc, while fine spherules of hematite (another iron oxide) suffuse the quartz with a purplish hue.’
    • ‘Some of the cavities contain bits of iron oxides, and relatively sharp octahedra have been found on weathered pseudomorphs of limonite after pyrite.’
    • ‘Some of the turquoise from their mine contains limonite intergrown with thin layers of native gold.’
    • ‘The lower Cubagua Formation consists of gray shale with glauconite, abundant pyrite nodules, gray limonite, and some sandy intercalation with fine clastics probably carried out by turbidity currents.’
    • ‘In the flats surrounding the veins commercial iron deposits were found as limonite that was derived from the oxidation of iron carbonates (ankerite and/or siderite).’
    • ‘Although some plates are dull and stained by limonite, the clean, bright specimens are very aesthetic.’
    • ‘Oxidation of the deposit is quite extensive, and limonite is common; therefore, although I did not observe goethite, it is probably present.’
    • ‘In the Weasel pocket, the earliest mineral to form appears to have been one of the iron-bearing carbonates that has since been oxidized to limonite.’
    • ‘Twenty specimens permineralized by limonite and pyrite were studied.’
    • ‘The irregular topography of this bedding surface is covered by a thin veneer of micrite with limonite disseminated throughout.’
    • ‘The walls of molds of this material are commonly lined by a thin coating of limonite.’
    • ‘Picture richly wooded hill country possessing beds of limonite with New England's richest iron ore and plentiful streams with abundant mill seats.’


Early 19th century from German Limonit, probably from Greek leimōn ‘meadow’ (suggested by the earlier German name Wiesenerz, literally ‘meadow ore’).



/ˈlīməˌnīt/ /ˈlaɪməˌnaɪt/