Definition of limousine liberal in English:

limousine liberal


derogatory US
  • A wealthy liberal.

    • ‘She's not just a limousine liberal; she's a Gulfstream liberal.’
    • ‘But I fear that by crossing the Rubicon from political to partisan, the rock star has become a harder sell, easier to dismiss as a limousine liberal.’
    • ‘Not to disenfranchise rich people who live in nice places, but in previous decades we'd dismiss somebody like Smiley as a limousine liberal.’
    • ‘Jackson is the opposite of a limousine liberal; his parents were so poor that they lived in a tool shed.’
    • ‘Despite concerns that he is a limousine liberal, there seem to be few contradictions between his environmental image and his track record - a couple of peccadilloes aside.’
    • ‘Well you know, I am a limousine liberal, and I'm proud of it.’
    • ‘As you can see, the Deep stuff isn't all that deep, and it's pretty much what you would expect from your average limousine liberal.’
    • ‘And to have some limousine liberal tell me that I don't deserve tax relief or should be paying more than the 33% Federal and 9% state taxes I already do, is insulting.’
    • ‘Less of Moore would be a career disaster; he would be just another cadaverous limousine liberal nibbling on his curly endive.’
    • ‘On the other hand, Forrester will attempt to take the high ground on fiscal issues, portraying Corzine as the classic tax-and-spend limousine liberal.’
    • ‘Jessica's conservative southern sensibilities clash with the Boyer's limousine liberal lifestyle.’
    • ‘After the election, I read an article in which a famous actor criticized the supporters of the candidate, calling them limousine liberals of the worst kind, unconcerned with the poor.’
    • ‘If limousine liberals want to pay higher taxes than the rest of us, then why not let them?’
    • ‘But you shouldn't think that integrated-relative which in America is the exclusive preserve of Ivy League limousine liberals and their social-climbing acolytes.’
    • ‘Old-style Democrats like Johnson were not limousine liberals.’
    • ‘Forget limousine liberals, Crichton's new target is ‘Gulfstream environmentalists’.’
    • ‘While it may appeal to the upwardly mobile limousine liberals in his party there are, after all, plenty of anti-gay marriage Democratic voters - predominantly from the lower socioeconomic classes.’


limousine liberal

/ˈliməˌzēn/ /ˈlɪməˌzin/ /ˌliməˈzēn ˈlib(ə)rəl/ /ˌlɪməˈzin ˈlɪb(ə)rəl/