Definition of limp-wristed in English:


Pronunciation /ˌlimpˈristəd/ /ˌlɪmpˈrɪstəd/

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  • Effeminate (typically used of a man, especially a gay man).

    • ‘There are some apparent throwbacks to an earlier, less tolerant era, such as the return of the limp-wristed queen to some alternative comedy shows.’
    • ‘The fact that gay people can still be shown as being limp-wristed is a good indication of their uncertain status.’
    • ‘You know, this is probably the very first time in my life that I have ever received official approval for being limp-wristed.’
    • ‘The gay male characters are lame, cartoonish, limp-wristed types.’
    • ‘His portrayal of the limp-wristed, pouting Humphries drew as much criticism as it did plaudits.’
    effete, unmanly, womanish, foppish, affected, niminy-piminy, mincing, posturing, queeny, campy