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  • 1(of a liquid) free of anything that darkens; completely clear.

    ‘the limpid waters of the Caribbean’
    • ‘Imagine interrupting a long, hot hike to cool off in the limpid water of a deserted Greek cove, lingering in a tiny, frescoed monastery - or climbing a mountain track where wild cyclamen brighten the verges.’
    • ‘They would converge on the place each summer, moor their yachts in the limpid waters off Capriccioli or Cala di Volpe, and take it in turns to host parties on board or on beach.’
    • ‘If the tide was up, the limpid water would wash up against the sea defences, and the smaller sailing boats that infest the river would tack right up to the sea wall.’
    • ‘The anchor dropped through 20 ft of limpid water and we slipped over the side to swim and snorkel before lunch.’
    • ‘Below nestled a shingle cove of limpid water and fearless little fish, qualities that tend to bring the boy out of the man.’
    • ‘The four-meter-thick walls are as solid as ever, and swans still glide over the moat's limpid waters.’
    • ‘Their luster was superb as was their limpid green color and transparency.’
    • ‘We are told that the baptism took place at Killoughternane where the streams of two fountains meet and, on account of the limpid purity of the waters, he was baptised by the name of Finnlach, ‘The Child of the Limpid Fountain’.’
    • ‘For the limpid quality of the water here, the colour of the coral and variety of fish, it's the place for your final sundowner, breathtaking and unforgettable.’
    • ‘In Weihai, a clear city certified by Chinese authorities, you can expect to enjoy the most limpid sea water along China's coast.’
    • ‘There was a rudimentary path leading towards a sapphire-blue limpid pool of water into which a natural spring cascaded down the plateau face.’
    • ‘There was a limpid pool of emerald water rimmed with brown sand, set in a giant's jumble of rubbed granite blocks.’
    • ‘This is a beautiful beryl gem of purest water, eight-faceted, well cut, clear and limpid, possessed of all good qualities and through it is strung a blue, yellow, red, white or brown thread.’
    • ‘The waters of the lake are limpid, the colour of jade, and reflect the surrounding beauty of the peaks and trees.’
    • ‘Picture the many forms of water - from swelling surf to torrential rain to spouting geyser to limpid pool to sparkling bubbles to tinkling iceblocks to healing tears.’
    • ‘With the recent fish kill in Jagaranahalli Lake last Wednesday, the spotlight is once again on the state of the city's once limpid lakes.’
    • ‘His music sounds as if it is being sung to a listener on the mainland from some siren's island far off in the limpid sea.’
    clear, transparent, glassy, glasslike, crystal clear, crystalline, see-through, translucent, pellucid, unclouded, uncloudy
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    1. 1.1(of a person's eyes) unclouded; clear.
      ‘the limpid gray eyes gazed trustfully at her’
      • ‘Seen from the above, the lake resembles a pair of limpid eyes.’
      • ‘Margalo is a wounded bird with huge limpid eyes, and Stuart is smitten.’
      • ‘Barth saw from his place at the doorway that she was looking up into his best friend's face with large limpid eyes and her lips parting to show her most dazzling white smile, her arms twined around his neck.’
      • ‘In Duccio's rendering, Mary's limpid eyes are reservoirs of reflection.’
      • ‘Her limpid eyes were intoxicating, holding him, and imprisoning him.’
      • ‘Although facing left, Paula directs her bold, limpid eyes back to center stage.’
      • ‘I was beginning to feel all tingly as he gazed into the limpid pool of my eyes and profess his honorable intentions.’
      • ‘Holding that limpid gaze, she saw something his original owner, who'd abandoned him on a south London housing estate, clearly didn't.’
      • ‘Ryann crouched in the cell, her eyes wet, her gaze limpid.’
      • ‘A small, lively man with limpid blue eyes and an unruly thatch of thinning white hair, Hill delighted participants in his workshop with his pithy one-liners and folksy aphorisms.’
      • ‘Cortes speaks to both of us at once - to him in rapid Spanish, to me in tentative English punctuated by long gaps in which he turns his limpid brown eyes my way, imploring me to help him find the missing words.’
      • ‘Garcia, with his classic dark looks and limpid brown eyes, knows all too well how easy it is for his female students to fall in love.’
      • ‘Her eyes were like limpid pools, only they had forgotten to put in any pH cleanser.’
      • ‘Despite his plain clothing he was very striking with short neatly-combed back auburn hair, an oval face, a baby-faced countenance, a medium, but short build and piercing, limpid bluish-green eyes.’
      • ‘Having apparently completed her dissertation, Malie rested her chin on one fist and regarded him with limpid, rather bovine eyes.’
      • ‘There was a twinkle in his limpid brown eyes.’
      • ‘Her eyes were large and limpid, but definitely not innocent.’
      • ‘Hugh's ears are pointed and his eyes are like these limpid pools I keep hearing so much about.’
      • ‘Her amber eyes reflected in the mirror were limpid, and alluring.’
      • ‘Her eyes take in everything, limpid and deep, revealing a kind of rawness that's hard to read.’
      clear, transparent, glassy, glasslike, crystal clear, crystalline, see-through, translucent, pellucid, unclouded, uncloudy
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    2. 1.2(especially of writing or music) clear and accessible or melodious.
      ‘the limpid notes of a recorder’
      • ‘The music is limpid and languid, dripping grace and deft touches.’
      • ‘With Pascal Devoyon as like-thinking partner, he gives limpid performances of music well worth an airing.’
      • ‘Each bird's voice is but four limpid notes, delivered in slow, syncopated cadence, rising to a bell-like question mark.’
      • ‘In brief and limpid episodes French director Alain Cavalier bares the masochism, eroticism, and purity at the heart of Therese's self-enclosed crusade.’
      • ‘Its limpid pools, vivid colours and unusual plants will reinforce your sense of tranquility and equanimity.’
      • ‘It is a more limpid and beautiful piece of music than you might expect from a band known for live performances that regularly culminate in unpredictable, slightly disturbing onstage violence.’
      • ‘Neale, himself famed for his literary style, described the prose as ‘lucid and limpid and always charged with vitality’.’
      • ‘The Choir of Westminster Cathedral responds with a limpid beauty to the direction of Martin Baker whose patient enthusiasm is very evident in the ecstatic end-product.’
      • ‘His penchant for big questions, his lucid and often limpid prose, and his willingness to pose unconventional and unpopular arguments have combined to make him a must-read.’
      • ‘Gouffé wrote in a limpid style, comprehensible by all and exhibiting a standard of literary craftsmanship which equalled the author's skill in the kitchen.’
      • ‘On the contrary, a limpid, understated vignette can be just as strong and striking.’
      • ‘Note the chair placed near to the doorway and the limpid UJ on the door pillar.’
      • ‘Nothing supports this claim as convincingly as the meditative ‘The Music Plays Itself,’ where limpid guitars reverberate mournfully over railroad noise and faded electronic scratch.’
      • ‘As in the Debussy, the layering of texture brought chiarascuro to the music, the melody highlighted through the limpid falling thirds of the first and the pulsating chords of the second, with its emotive central interlude.’
      • ‘Waterfall greeted her with a solemn and purposeful symphony - muted strings and timpani rolls and, far off in the background, as though being created by spray and the rising mist, a limpid, shining, flute-like voice joined the music.’
      • ‘A simple accompaniment serves as a baseline from which a limpid melody explodes into a dizzy display of vocal pyrotechnics.’
      lucid, clear, plain, understandable, intelligible, comprehensible, perceptible, coherent, explicit, unambiguous, simple, vivid, sharp, direct, clear-cut, crystal clear, luminous, straightforward, distinct, perspicuous
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/ˈlimpid/ /ˈlɪmpɪd/


Late Middle English from Latin limpidus; perhaps related to lymph.