Definition of linac in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlinak/ /ˈlɪnæk/


‘Induction linacs, linear accelerators that induce an electromotive force on ions by rapidly changing the strength of a magnetic field inside a vacuum cavity, have proven capable of producing the necessary current.’
  • ‘The front-end team led by Gough is responsible for delivering a beam of 2.5 million electron-volt negative hydrogen ions to a half-kilometer-long linac to be built by Los Alamos National Laboratory.’
  • ‘The goal is to accelerate a beam of negative hydrogen ions to 2.5 million electron volts and deliver it to the linac.’
  • ‘One way of avoiding the problems associated with the construction of a linac is to accelerate particles in a circle.’
  • ‘All particle accelerators, whether linacs or circular, have the following basic parts.’
  • ‘Though you know what they say, that a cyclotron is just a linac coiled into a spiral.’
  • ‘Once we have demonstrated that the linac works with a single beam, we will modify the transfer section to study the combination of four beams into one.’
  • ‘I was spelunking through the history files for an early experimental high energy electron beam linac that ran at Michael Reese from about 1957 to 1986.’
  • ‘The electrons then enter the accelerator portion of the linac.’
  • ‘The SNS's linear accelerator, or linac, is composed of two sections: the ‘warm,’ or room temperature section, and a superconducting section that operates at temperatures hundreds of degrees below zero.’
  • ‘The star will be at Essex County Hospital on Wednesday to perform a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the linear accelerator or linac for short.’
  • ‘But lying on the linac to cut a ribbon and launch the equipment, he said: ‘I hope this is my one and only time on one of these.’’
  • ‘The linac has tubes of water to cool the copper tubing of the accelerator structure and the magnets.’
  • ‘Another early phase task is building an injector to produce an intense electron beam ready to travel at nearly the speed of light down the last kilometer of SLAC's 3-kilometer linac.’