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line drawing

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  • A drawing done using only narrow lines, the variation of which, in width and density, produce such effects as tone and shading.

    ‘The first is a monochrome line drawing, now in the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, which accompanied the specification.’
    • ‘In the patinated bronze sculpture Sleeping Muse, for example, he renders the image of Brancusi's sculpture of the same name as a freestanding line drawing.’
    • ‘Three limpid watercolors reveal their development through a few washes applied to a pencil or ink line drawing, providing more graphic than chromatic complexity.’
    • ‘Then a single line drawing - not letting charcoal off the paper at all.’
    • ‘Characterized by a loose yet linear style, Lennon was inspired by the art of Oriental line drawing, endeavoring to create an evocative image quickly with as few lines as possible.’
    • ‘After the students finished their black line drawing, I gave them permanent black markers to outline their drawings.’
    • ‘It's a simple technique: put the carbon paper where you want your etch, take the line drawing, and use a pen to trace over it.’
    • ‘It should also be noted that the original line drawing of a longitudinal section of a female flower by Baillon was redrawn with unusual proportions in ovary and ovules exaggerated.’
    • ‘We transferred our line drawing of the acrobatic snowmen onto the linoleum's surface by placing a piece of carbon paper on the linoleum, laying our drawing on top, and tracing the lines with a pencil.’
    • ‘With the line drawing next to the metal, the students reproduced their design by pulling a semi-sharpened dowel rod across the metal.’
    • ‘I know she could feel the trembling there and she looked worried, then looked around at the table with its straps, across to where a line drawing of a dissected chimp was spread out across a desk.’
    • ‘Accompanying the text is a simple line drawing that shows a liquid being poured from a pitcher, with a portion defying gravity as it spills down the curved side of the vessel.’
    • ‘This is a line drawing that presents the calculus of change in a constantly shifting space.’
    • ‘Then in pencil, he draws the area to be changed using the original line drawing as an underlay.’
    • ‘A grid which follows them around as they move and starts off looking like a simple line drawing on three dimensional white paper.’
    • ‘A languorous tale can be told with a page of text anchored by a sensitive line drawing.’
    • ‘He mainly works in pen-and-ink, employing a combination of stippling and line drawing to achieve dramatic results.’
    • ‘Executed on large sheets of sheepskin parchment, each extraordinarily delicate ink line drawing illustrates one canto or section of Dante's poem.’
    • ‘The cover's line drawing of the Gotham skyline nicely announces the album's theme.’
    • ‘Writing is one means of communication, but presenting graphic material (photographs and line drawings) is another.’
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line drawing

/ˈlīn ˌdroiNG/ /ˈlaɪn ˌdrɔɪŋ/