Definition of line drive in English:

line drive


  • A powerfully hit ball that travels in the air and relatively close to and parallel with the ground.

    ‘If a runner is struck by a line drive or fly ball while on the base, he is to be called out.’
    • ‘The book states that on September 14, 1923, Red Sox first baseman George Burns turned an unassisted triple play on a line drive.’
    • ‘Tony Taylor hit a line drive to right field, and Rusty Staub caught it on the run.’
    • ‘On the next pitch, he slammed a screaming line drive right at and caught by second baseman Bobby Richardson, and in the blink of an eye, the World Series was over.’
    • ‘Then, he caught a line drive by Bench in foul territory in the ninth inning of Game 5, seemingly knowing where the ball was headed before it was hit.’


line drive

/līn drīv/ /laɪn draɪv/