Definition of line score in English:

line score

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  • A summary of the scoring in a game displayed in a horizontal table, especially an inning-by-inning record of the runs, hits, and errors in a baseball game.

    ‘The players will not have changed, however, only the line score on their current game.’
    • ‘On a Internet site, the game streams live in one corner while the rest of the screen is filled with a line score, statistics, a running text account of the game and other links.’
    • ‘The match had been much more competitively than the line score indicates, and might well have had a different outcome had Teran not escaped with that 9-7 opening frame.’
    • ‘It is one thing to run up a good line score against the Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic, but Argentina has Emanuel Ginobili and beat the US team last year during the Pan American Games.’
    • ‘The numbers to fill out the line score are kept on pegs on the wall.’
    • ‘This oversized book summarizes each series, and features great photos, detailed line scores for every game and composite box scores for every World Series.’
    • ‘Instead, regard these numbers as a sportswriter does the line scores from the fourth inning of a baseball game.’
    • ‘You can follow these games live by visiting the line scores, play-by-play, and boxscores the official sports web site.’
    • ‘Check the line scores of any day in major league baseball, and you'll find most games don't even feature a three-run inning.’
    • ‘More than anything besides orderly street numbering, I missed baseball, subsisting at best on a thin gruel of two-day-old line scores in the International Herald Tribune.’
    • ‘The story is meticulously researched, complete with lineups, line scores, newspaper clippings and advertisements.’