Definition of lineament in English:



  • 1usually lineaments literary A distinctive feature or characteristic, especially of the face.

    ‘I recognized those haggard lineaments’
    • ‘Their final powerful lines reduced to lineaments around the eyes.’
    • ‘His vanity is a lineament in his character which had entirely escaped me.’
    • ‘Here's a man who clearly knows how to achieve the lineaments of gratified desire on the faces of his women, as I think William Blake once phrased it.’
    distinctive features, features, distinguishing characteristics, hallmarks, properties, traits
  • 2Geology
    A linear feature on the earth's surface, such as a fault.

    ‘Gravity and magnetic data also portray the NE-SW-trending lineament outlined by the Mesozoic faults, suggesting a link between the Hardangerfjord Shear Zone and the Highland Boundary Fault.’
    • ‘The region east of the gravity lineament has witnessed intensive magmatism and basin development since Mesozoic time.’
    • ‘Basanites were sampled from six localities within the outcrop of the Batain Nappes and define two lineaments, similar in trend to the Qalhat Fault.’
    • ‘Some magmatic activity is concentrated along basement lineaments and other volcanism appears to be related to rifting in a similar way to that of major rift valleys.’
    • ‘This rules out significant increments of both strike-slip and dip-slip post-emplacement displacements on the lineament.’
    silhouette, profile, figure, shape, contour, form, line, lineaments, delineation



/ˈlin(ē)əmənt/ /ˈlɪn(i)əmənt/


Late Middle English from Latin lineamentum, from lineare ‘make straight’, from linea ‘a line’ (see line).