Definition of linearize in English:


(British linearise)

Pronunciation /ˈlinēəˌrīz/ /ˈlɪniəˌraɪz/

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transitive verb

[with object]technical
  • Make linear; represent in or transform into a linear form.

    ‘air was focused and linearized by the air pump’
    • ‘the field equations can be linearized’
    • ‘linearized DNA’
    • ‘The indices utilized here represent transformations that linearize germination data with respect to suboptimal temperature or the logarithm of thermal time.’
    • ‘To compare the sites, plant age, A, was transformed as log to linearize the relationships, and log was used as the covariate in covariance analysis.’
    • ‘Apparatus and method which features linearizing attributes of an information object into a string of bytes for object representation and storage in a database system.’
    • ‘This method of organization has the added advantage of substantially linearizing the mechanical output of the muscle when expressed as a function of the input to the motoneuron pool.’
    • ‘The vectors were linearized and transcribed with a DNA-dependent RNA polymerase.’