Definition of linearly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlinēərlē/ /ˈlɪniərli/

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  • 1In a straight or nearly straight line.

    ‘the house is a longish structure with rooms linearly arranged’
    • ‘Reminiscent of the tarot, the cards can be read linearly in any direction.’
    • ‘The road between London and Bath was typical of a main route formed linearly.’
    • ‘Dr Wotowic explained that most people view the world linearly and horizontally and that 90% of surgery is linear.’
    • ‘Within each block, five 1.2 X 1.5m plots were arranged linearly at 1.5m spacing.’
    • ‘Streets were laid out linearly, with intersections at right angles.’
    • ‘Laid out linearly, the airport terminal is easy to navigate without the need for complex signage.’
    • ‘Each color represents a separate, adjacent neuron, typically arranged linearly.’
    • ‘The desired outcome was based on the surgeon's ability to manipulate a cryolathe, which is an instrument designed to incise tissue linearly.’
    • ‘In plan, the house is designed linearly, taking advantage of the views from every room.’
    • ‘The two rooms are set out linearly.’
    • ‘The traps were set out linearly with an interdistance of about 4m.’
    1. 1.1Using lines or outlines.
      ‘a linearly designed blow-molder’
      • ‘The edge of any form is described as a line; therefore, an object with many edges can be drawn linearly.’
    2. 1.2In a way that involves one dimension only.
      ‘a linearly elastic material’
      • ‘Women's cholesterol rises more or less linearly through their adult life.’
      • ‘The tendon pulled out linearly, along the fiber orientation.’
      • ‘These results show that the structure is unsafe and uneconomic when designed linearly without considering cracking.’
      • ‘The print engine is designed linearly, with paper running from front to back under the four print drums.’
      • ‘Pushrods or tubes fitted to the followers also move linearly.’
    3. 1.3Mathematics In a way that can be represented by a straight line on a graph.
      ‘the distribution (when plotted linearly) is broad and asymmetric’
      • ‘As the price of solar cells decreases linearly the demand for solar cells increases by orders of magnitude.’
      • ‘While revenues for Internet companies can grow exponentially, operating costs tend to grow linearly.’
      • ‘The steps outlined in the streaming process can be presented linearly.’
      • ‘The curve for c(A) and the equilibrium price path p = π(A) for simplicity are drawn linearly, although this will, generally, not be the case.’
      • ‘A supply chain is typically drawn linearly to show product movement from left to right.’
      • ‘To display a time-varying signal on the CRT screen, the spot needs to move linearly along the X-axis as a function of time.’
    4. 1.4Mathematics In a way that involves or exhibits directly proportional change in two related quantities.
      ‘side effects increase linearly with dosage’
      • ‘growth rate is linearly related to temperature’
      • ‘Pupal mass is affected by growth rate and temperature, and is strongly and linearly correlated with total egg production.’
      • ‘Crop growth rate is approximately linearly related to daily light integral.’
      • ‘Benefits depend linearly on the contribution rate.’
      • ‘Power varies linearly with clock speed and by the square of the voltage.’
      • ‘Temperatures increased linearly as depths increased.’
      • ‘The tested web servers did not scale linearly as we added more CPUs.’
      • ‘Blood pressure and number of patients with hypertension increased linearly with severity of sleep apnoea.’
      • ‘The incidence rate of type 1 diabetes increased almost linearly with birth weight.’
      • ‘Increasing birth weight was independently and linearly associated with increasing prevalence of obesity at age 7.’
      • ‘This increase was linearly correlated with pulmonary indexes of airflow obstruction and lung hyperinflation.’
      • ‘The logarithm of the hazard function is linearly related to each predictor.’
  • 2In a way that progresses from one stage to another in a single series of steps; sequentially.

    ‘each individual must proceed linearly through each task’
    • ‘spoken language proceeds linearly, one word after another’
    • ‘In the textbook situation, the diagnosis proceeds logically and linearly to a specific formula.’
    • ‘Traditional, commercially supported media linearly presents content in bite-sized morsels.’
    • ‘His flights of fancy occur primarily as dream sequences and flashbacks, leaving room for the plot to linearly unfold.’
    • ‘Any question you have can be hunted down in a matter of minutes, and most of the sites are laid out pretty linearly.’
    • ‘In general, the dependent and independent clauses are linearly adjacent to each other.’
    • ‘The biggest problem we have with Moore's Law is that we think of it linearly.’
    • ‘Ecologists, taking their cue from nature, think in terms of cycles, while economists are more likely to think linearly.’
    • ‘The author treats these themes linearly, but with an episodic structure similar to that of the picaresque novel.’
    • ‘These films are indexed individually and linearly, meaning you must scroll through each page one by one in order to find the particular film you are interested in.’
    • ‘The film may be dream-like, but its action unfolds linearly, realistically.’
    • ‘Investigations rarely progress linearly from initial investigation to final identification of the root cause.’
    • ‘When you read a mathematical proof, it's laid out linearly, from the beginning to the end.’