Definition of linker in English:



  • 1A thing which links other things.

    ‘Some visitors are linkers and they link what they visit.’
    • ‘For multidomain proteins, addition of missing linkers between the domains is possible.’
    • ‘The value of an incoming link is a factor of the linker's own popularity.’
    • ‘The links came first, and from the links came the life of a linker.’
    • ‘And we're still not done - linkers, journal-keepers and pundits have most recently been joined by the commercial people.’
    • ‘Thanks to the linkers, and thanks especially to the visitors; we hope you've liked what you've seen.’
    • ‘Anyway, thank you to all my new linkers, welcome to all my new readers, and hope you enjoyed.’
    • ‘This is just a case of my checking out the linkers, and finding someone I've never met has quietly linked me.’
    • ‘Some have much louder voices, because of their traffic and loyal linkers.’
    • ‘He was one of my first linkers and he's written many a post that made me think.’
    • ‘The two domains are connected by a stretch of unstructured amino acids which functions as a flexible linker.’
    • ‘Titin, however, consists of multiple folded modules connected by short linker peptides.’
    • ‘The linker DNA between each nucleosome can vary from 20 to more than 200 bp.’
    • ‘Therefore, the given stiffness values provide an effective description, obtained from sampling many different linker conformations.’
    • ‘The linker DNA follows a continuous spiral path between nucleosomes with a correspondingly large bend.’
    • ‘However, it is likely that the rigidity of this attachment would decrease with increased linker length.’
    • ‘The effect of the linker insertion mutations on expression of four target genes is shown in Fig 2.’
    • ‘Thirty potential glycosylation sites were identified on the 88-residue linker.’
    • ‘The shorter linker would render the channel hypersensitive to stretch or prevent complete closure.’
    • ‘The effect of the proline insertions on the linker stiffness is, however, unclear.’
    1. 1.1Computing A program used with a compiler or assembler to provide links to the libraries needed for an executable program.
      ‘The cross-compiled compiler / linker and sample program executables on each of the different platforms are then compared.’
      • ‘It seems that when a library is linked in, the dynamic linker starts searching all libraries for symbols, even for the libraries' internal ones.’
      • ‘If source code is a software design, then actually building software is done by compilers and linkers.’
      • ‘The compiler's first pass was on the first diskette, the second pass was on the second diskette, and the linker was on the third diskette.’
      • ‘There is nothing about the citation of a web site through a link that should distinguish between commercial and non-commercial linkers.’
    2. 1.2An attachment on a knitting machine for linking two pieces of knitting.



/ˈliNGkər/ /ˈlɪŋkər/