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  • A material consisting of a canvas backing thickly coated with a preparation of linseed oil and powdered cork, used especially as a floor covering.

    ‘These repair techniques can be used on vinyl tiles, vinyl sheet floor covering or linoleum.’
    • ‘You may wish to wax your linoleum or vinyl floor after a thorough wash, but there's no point in doing it too often.’
    • ‘The family bathroom has linoleum flooring, black wall tiles and a linen cupboard.’
    • ‘She worked her way back and forth until the entire linoleum floor shone like polished glass.’
    • ‘Since the floor was linoleum, all he had to do was wipe, so as not to disturb anybody with the vacuum.’
    • ‘Immediately ahead is the kitchen with linoleum flooring and plumbing for a washing machine.’
    • ‘From here, an archway opens through to a small kitchen with linoleum flooring.’
    • ‘An exposed brick arch leads to the kitchen which has original floor tiles covered with linoleum.’
    • ‘Choose an area with linoleum or tiled floors in case of mishaps or accidents so the area is easily cleaned.’
    • ‘Somehow, he cannot cross the threshold and walk on its linoleum flooring.’
    • ‘To the rear, the kitchen has linoleum flooring and is fitted with a range of wall and floor units.’
    • ‘Paintwork was faded and there was linoleum on the floor where carpets should have been.’
    • ‘My weighted footsteps echoed off the sterile, cold walls and polished linoleum floors.’
    • ‘He flung a butter knife at my head and it clanged noisily off the wallpaper and onto the abused linoleum floor.’
    • ‘True linoleum is usually also made with wood and cork fibers, and mounted on a natural jute backing.’
    • ‘The floor is covered with thick black linoleum and the walls are acoustically treated with an asbestos compound.’
    • ‘I awoke again in a dazzling fluorescent haze, my ears filled with the soft rushing noise of rubber wheels on linoleum.’
    • ‘I had the students trace the piece of linoleum on the Manila paper so they could draw the exact size they needed.’
    • ‘The room was linoleum instead of cement, and the kennels were filled with cats.’
    • ‘If you live in an older home and haven't replaced the vinyl or linoleum, built up wax will discolor it.’



/ləˈnōlēəm/ /ləˈnoʊliəm/


Late 19th century from Latin linum ‘flax’ + oleum ‘oil’.