Definition of lipogram in English:



  • A composition from which the writer systematically omits a certain letter or certain letters of the alphabet.

    ‘An example of their practice is the lipogram, which is a text from which one or more letters of the alphabet have been excluded.’
    • ‘The lipogram ‘to be or not to be, that's the problem’ has the requisite ten syllables but loses the force of the terrifying eleven-syllable original.’
    • ‘Ernest Vincent Wright accomplished the latter feat back in 1939 with his epic lipogram Gadsby, and it took him about five months, whereas I just caved instantly to my basest critical instincts.’



/ˈlipəɡram/ /ˈlɪpəɡræm/


Early 18th century back-formation from Greek lipogrammatos ‘lacking a letter’, from lip- (stem of leipein ‘to leave (out)’) + gramma ‘letter’.