Definition of lipoma in English:


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nounplural noun lipomas, plural noun lipomata/-mətə/

  • A benign tumor of fatty tissue.

    ‘If a dog had a benign tumour like a lipoma that needed to be removed because it was causing discomfort, I'd likely go ahead with it on most dogs, unless they were extremely old for their breed and/or didn't tolerate surgery well.’
    • ‘You should feel subcutaneous nodules to see if they are soft like lipomas, hard like fibromas and malignant tumors, or tender, as in superficial abscesses or hematomas.’
    • ‘They are the third most common primary cardiac tumors after myxomas and lipomas, accounting for 7% of all primary cardiac tumors.’
    • ‘Because lipomas are almost always benign (not cancer), they usually do not need treatment.’
    • ‘The initial impressions were mostly benign lesions, including lipoma or fibroma.’



/liˈpōmə/ /lɪˈpoʊmə/ /līˈpōmə/ /laɪˈpoʊmə/