Definition of liposculpture in English:



  • The use of liposuction to accentuate specific bodily features.

    ‘For a facial or a small body liposculpture, he said, heavy sedation is unnecessary.’
    • ‘He said the ideal candidates for facial liposculpture are adults from 25 to 45 years of age.’
    • ‘It provides a complete liposculpture, treating the symptoms of lipid disorders of the skin.’
    • ‘But if you remove them altogether, they cannot fill up and that is the principle behind liposculpture.’
    • ‘The other 80 percent are corrected with liposculpture alone.’
    • ‘The forty-five-year-old, who owns his own hair salon in Glasgow, had liposculpture done to his stomach and hips.’
    • ‘"If there is some skin flaccidity, I will use superficial liposculpture to cause some skin retraction," he said.’
    • ‘The managing director of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery has had laser resurfacing, a breast uplift, facelift, hair removal, colonic hydrotherapy, botox and lip implants, cheek implants and liposculpture.’
    • ‘The surgeon who provided free consultations on the various procedures available said that liposculpture, breast enhancement, breast reduction and facelifts generated the most interest.’
    • ‘Other procedures available are otoplasty (ear correction), rhinoplasty (nose), liposculpture, penile enhancement and face, neck and brow lifts to name but a few.’
    • ‘According to Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, the top three cosmetic procedures for Irish women are breast operations, liposculpture and face lifts.’
    • ‘My technique of superficial syringe liposculpture uses the finest cannulas to recontour the jaw line and inject fat into the naso-labial, malar and glabellar regions.’



/ˈlipōˌskəlp(t)SHər/ /ˈlɪpoʊˌskəlp(t)ʃər/