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  • A person appointed to wind up the affairs of a company or firm.

    ‘As noted above, an unregistered company charge is void as against both subsequent creditors and the liquidator and administrator.’
    • ‘The banks and Revenue Commissioners did not object to the liquidator's appointment.’
    • ‘It also said that office of the official liquidator should be closed and the trustee should exercise all powers and functions.’
    • ‘Accountancy sources said the office originally rejected the advice of the liquidator on a large number of cases.’
    • ‘Its office received 699 reports from liquidators last year.’
    • ‘A liquidator would also be obliged to notify creditors before selling assets to a former director.’
    • ‘He said the company would work with the liquidator on ways to discharge its debts to creditors.’
    • ‘Under UK insolvency law they're last in line to be paid when businesses are wound up behind former staff, secured creditors, liquidators and the tax man.’
    • ‘Instead, they face weeks of wrangling with the firm's liquidators.’
    • ‘No-one was in any doubt that the best option for creditors was the appointment of an examiner, rather than a liquidator.’
    • ‘They appointed a liquidator to an undoubtedly insolvent company that has no assets.’
    • ‘Previously, liquidators did not have to provide their reports to directors.’
    • ‘The liquidators will not ask for delisting until there is no hope of a buy-out.’
    • ‘But the bank has since refused to negotiate over the £70 million plus costs it is claiming from the liquidators.’
    • ‘Its assets were auctioned internationally by the liquidators.’
    • ‘The knock-on effect is that liquidators will not take on jobs where there is no money in the failed company to cover their fees.’
    • ‘We are providing all the assistance we can to both the police and the liquidators.’
    • ‘Anyone who paid by cash or cheque would have to wait until receivers or liquidators had been appointed to deal with the firm.’
    • ‘The liquidators themselves have first call on the company's assets to pay their fees.’
    • ‘The liquidator looked for clarification but got none, his counsel added.’
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/ˈlikwəˌdādər/ /ˈlɪkwəˌdeɪdər/